• Are you wanting to support a local farm that raises grassfed beef using regenerative principles?
  • Do you want to try ordering bulk beef but have limited freezer space?
  • Do you look at the price of a Quarter Beef and wonder how you can budget spending that amount at once? 
  • Are you tired of fluctuating prices of meat at the grocery store and wish to have a guaranteed, stable monthly cost that you can budget for?
  • Are you adventurous and open to trying a variety of cuts while learning more about how to use them?

Then our ‘Meat Share’ subscription program (or, the ‘Beef Box’) might be perfect for you…

What You Get:

When you sign up for a Beef Box, you commit to receiving the equivalent of 1/8 Beef (half of a Quarter) or 1/4 Beef (a split-half) over a 6-month period.  

Here are the cuts you can receive over 6 months (Large Beef Box), or 12 months (Small Beef Box, ie. 2 x 6-month program periods):

You will receive approx. 80 lbs actual meat and bone, frozen cut and wrapped.


  • Ground beef (approx. 20 lbs total, 1 lb packages)

  • Steaks (tenderloin, ribeye, t-bone, striploin, sirloin tip, round, skirt, tri-tip OR flank – approx. 16 lbs total, packaged individually)

  • Roasts (cross-rib, sirloin tip, outside round, chuck, inside OR eye of round – approx. 21 lbs total, 2-3 lbs ea),

  • Short ribs (approx. 7 lbs total)

  • Stewing beef (approx. 4 lbs total)

  • Brisket (1 x half brisket, approx. 2-3 lbs total)

  • Soup bones (approx. 2 lbs meaty; approx. 6 lbs marrow/knuckle bones)

    See pie chart below above showing percentages of each cut included, per total lbs weight.

Please note: You will not be able to choose which cuts you receive each month – this is the part of the program that helps us distribute our beef in bulk, to many different households instead of just a few.

What you can expect to receive each month, consistently:

SAMPLE 6-MONTH, SMALL BEEF BOX (MONTHLY PICK-UP): see photo below for visual example

  • 2 lbs / pkgs of ground beef
  • 1-2 steaks
  • One roast, ~2 lbs short ribs, brisket, stew beef, or soup bones

(For a bimonthly pick-up or Large Size Beef Box, you will receive double this amount.)

Pictured is an example of the quantity you might receive with a monthly Small Beef Box.

How it Works:

Choose the quantity and frequency of pick-up that works best for you.

  • Small Beef Box ($95/mo.), approx. 6.75 lbs beef, picked up monthly
  • Small Beef Box, ($95/mo.), approx. 13.5 lbs beef, picked up bimonthly
  • Large Beef Box, (186/mo.), approx. 13.5 lbs beef monthly (no bimonthly option for this pkg size)

We require a $50 deposit upon registering, which is refunded if you complete the 6-month period, or rolled into the following 6-month period if you wish to continue on. 

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to consume all of the beef in your household, or split a subscription with someone else. (If you do split, please know that we will only have one person as the main contact for billing and will not split the Beef Box into smaller quantities.)

Please note that when you choose bimonthly pick-up, your billing will still be done on a monthly basis.

See our calendar of delivery dates here, and listed below. You are expected to pick up on these dates, or find someone to pick up for you if you are unable. Missed pick-ups are subject to a re-stocking fee of $20 or 20% order value. Eggs not picked up are non-refundable/replaceable.


We are offering a limited number of Beef Boxes to persons who self-identify as lower-income. If you feel that you fit that category, and in particular if you identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+, we invite you to apply to participate in our Food Accessibility Program, that offers this subscription at a 50% subsidized rate ($48/month). Please email us if interested.

If you wish to donate towards this fund, please select “Donation to Food Accessibility Program” in our online store.

We have been buying food from Fresh Roots farm for as long as they have existed and can’t recommend it highly enough! The quality of the product is fantastic and I love supporting a farm that I know cares about the future of our planet and society. I especially love their meat share program as it is a great way to access the cost savings of bulk purchasing without the stress on your freezer or wallet.

Anna L., Beef Box member 2020-2023

Choose your preferred add-ons, if you like.


Add-on orders are those that you can commit to receiving each time you pick up, ie. either monthly or bimonthly. 

  • Sausages: Get one package (approx. 1 lb ea) of each of our six sausage varieties with each order, at 10% off retail pricing: avg. cost $11.69/mo. Varieties include: Italian, Honey Dill & Garlic, Breakfast, Chorizo, All-Beef, Smokies. All 50/50 beef & pork (except for all-beef). All gluten-free, preservative-free. 
  • Eggs, from Pasture-raised Hens: Minimum 2 dozen eggs/pick-up, at $6.98/doz (10% off retail pricing of $7.75). Meat Share members receive first preference on eggs (vs. non Meat Share customers).
  • Honey Club subscription: Get a jar or pail of raw honey (at 10% off retail pricing) either monthly or bimonthly for the following pricing:
    • 500g: $9.00

    • 1 kg: $15.30

    • 3 kg: $36

    • 5 kg: $49.50

  • Primal Ground Beef substitution: You can sub in our ‘primal ground’ beef (containing 1/3 organ meats) instead of our regular ground for $5/month extra.

    There will also be opportunities for members to add-on additional items (ie. anything offered in our online store that month) including some regular products that are not offered as part of the Beef Box, such as burger patties, primal ground beef, stir fry beef, minute steaks. Meat Share subscribers will receive a special members-only 5% discount off all products listed in the online store (except products already discounted). Extra eggs are not consistently available and are best done as add-on if you want the guarantee.

    Other local Manitoba-made items we may have available for you to add to your order include:

    • Adagio Acres organic naked rolled oats
    • La Cocina corn tortillas
    • spray-free garlic (seasonal)

    Included in your subscription are 2 x Fresh Roots Farm branded jumbo grocery reusable tote bags (these are for you to receive your orders in, and switch with the second one by returning it each month) and then you can keep both bags upon completion of the program. It’s true, the Beef ‘Box’ is in all reality a BAG (but we think box sounds better).

    We also offer a great recipe book called “Cooking Grassfed Beef: Recipes from Nose to Tail” by author/farmer Shannon Hayes of Sap Bush Hollow Farm, at 50% of the regular offered price ($10 instead of $20).

    We are excited to announce that we will be once again be collaborating with other farmer friends, including The Dogs Run Farm for our deliveries during 2024. This regenerative farm offers a variety of products, including: pastured pork, grassfed lamb, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys and other specialty products like natural soaps. You will be able to order anything you like directly from them for pick-up at our same pick-up time/locations (excluding the Summer months when they distribute via farmer’s market). In the past, we have collaborated with other farms offering products such as wool products and vegetables, though we do not know at this time if these partnerships will be happening for sure. 

    Enjoy members-only perks.

    We hope to offer a members-only farm tour sometime during Spring or Summer 2024. You and your family will get a chance to come see how and why we produce your food, using regenerative practices on our land near Cartwright, MB! This will be a paid tour but Meat Share members will receive a 25% discount. 

    Receive a Quarterly e-Newsletter made just for Meat Share subscribers, that will include recipe ideas on how to use the various cuts in your Beef Box, photos from the farm, info about products available from collaborating farms, recipe submissions or tips from fellow Meat Share members, and more! If you feel intimidated by receiving a bunch of beef cuts you won’t know how to use, don’t fear: we’ve got you covered!   

    You will also receive the monthly brief emails that go out to our larger customer base, letting you know what new or discounted products we have for offer that particular month, so you can add on to your order if you like.  

    Delivery Schedule March-August 2024:

    **Please note that pick-up is on the 2nd Saturday (afternoon) in winter months, and 2nd Thursday (afternoon/evening) in summer months. Most months have 4 weeks between pick-up, though some months will have 5. Dates, times and locations are subject to minor changes.

    These delivery dates and times are the same for subscription and non-subscription customers! 

    Saturday, March 9:

    • WOSLELEY (Portage Avenue Church, 1420 Portage Ave.), 1:00-2:00pm
    • NORTH KILDONAN (North Kildonan Mennonite Church, 1131 Roch St.), 3:00-3:45pm

    Saturday, April 13:

    • RIVER HEIGHTS (Reh-Fit Centre, 1390 Taylor Ave.) 1:00-2:00pm
    • ST. BONIFACE (Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, 340 Provencher Blvd) 3:00-3:45pm

    Saturday, May 11:

    • WOLSELEY, 1-2
    • NORTH KILDONAN, 3-3:45

    Thursday, June 13:

    • ST. BONIFACE, 3-3:45
    • RIVER HEIGHTS, 5-6

    Thursday, July 11:

    • NORTH KILDONAN, 3-3:45
    • WOLSELEY, 5-6

    Thursday, August 8:

    • ST. BONIFACE, 3-3:45
    • RIVER HEIGHTS, 5-6

    Members will have the option to continue on with another 6 month subscription from September 2024 to February 2025, if they wish. If you opt out, your spot will be filled and you will lose first preference.

    *Please Note: Delivery dates/times may be subject to change or postponed due to inclement weather. If you unable to pick-up an order, you may arrange for a friend or family member to pick-up for you. Single missed deliveries will still be charged to the customer, ie. this is a commitment to a monthly or bimonthly pick-up schedule, that we expect subscribers to honour. Members who miss a pick-up will be charged a 20% re-stocking fee or minimum of $20 on their next invoice. You have the option to defer your (paid) package to a low-income household via our Food Accessibility Program. Subscribers deciding to opt out of the program mid-completion will not be charged for subsequent deliveries, but will not be refunded their $50 deposit.

    Want to join us as a Meat Share member? Select either the Small or Large size Beef Box options under “Meat Share subscriptions” in our online store.

    Here are some of the reasons our Meat Share members have wanted to join the program:

    The ease and convenience of quality meat, without the need to buy and store the entire cow at once.

    Vanessa P. Meat Share Member 2020-2023

    We wanted to buy our beef directly from a farm, and like the option of splitting the cost evenly throughout the year.

    Kristina M., Beef Box member 2020-2023

    Sourcing nutritious food that is grown and raised by people in a way that cares for the environment is important to us. We like to know exactly where are food comes from. Also unpacking our tote bag to see what’s in there feels like Christmas every time!

    Rebecca P., Beef Box member 2021-2023

    What our Meat Share members say about the support we offer in education, meal ideas, community:

    The newsletter was a nice check in, and the recipe ideas were inspiring! The recommended cookbook that you sell was very helpful in finding uses for all the cuts and cooking them well.

    Lex V., Beef Box member 2019, 2022

    I found customer service, top notch, and enjoy reading the newsletter every time it comes out.

    Vanessa P., Beef Box member 2020-2022

    Some of the transformations Meat Share members and their families have made since joining:

    We got into the practice of cooking a roast or other large cut on the weekend and incorporating the leftovers into quick weeknight meals, which kicked off some additional weekend meal prepping.

    Lex V., Beef Box member 2019, 2022-2023

    So much meal planning…but that’s my jam! I keep an inventory of all the meat we have in our freezer next to my meal planner, and base our plan off what we have. Obviously it cuts down trips to the grocery store. I think meat shares (and all farm-type shares for that matter) are an awesome thing to join if you like meal planning and scratch cooking as much as I do.

    Rebecca P., Beef Box member 2021-2023

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