Now taking interest for our MEAT SHARE program for 2020!

 Sign up now for our “Beef Box”, “Lamb Box” (or both), with options for add-ons like eggs and honey…

It’s a New Year and we are excited to roll out a new, re-vamped version of our Meat Share grassfed beef/lamb subscription program! We trialled it from July to December 2019, and had some great feedback from our subscribers (see testimonials on this page).

Do you want to try eating nose-to-tail or order bulk but have limited freezer space? Do you look at the price of a Quarter Beef or Whole Lamb and wonder how you can budget spending that much at once? Are you adventurous and open to trying a variety of cuts while learning more about how to use them? Then our ‘Meat Share’ program might be perfect for you…

We’re taking a limited number of subscribing households for Beef and Lamb, that can begin as early as February 2020, but with an option to start any subsequent month, as long as spaces are available. Find out more, below!


  • There are more options for package sizes. For example, you can purchase a Beef Box to be received over 6 months, or the same quantity spread out over 12 months.
  • There are also more options for frequency of pick-up. You can choose to pick-up either monthly, or bi-monthly (meaning every 2 months). Invoicing/payment will be on a monthly basis either way, for easier household budgeting.
  • Add-ons made easy! Meat Share Subscribers will have first priority of getting onto our next Egg Share subscription uptake (beginning Spring 2020), and will also have the option of receiving jars of our raw honey on a regular basis.
  • More payment options. All Meat Share subscription payments will be processed via credit card, which can either be invoiced each month and paid online by the customer manually, or you have the choice of saving your card on file to be automatically paid each month, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Discounts for Beef + Lamb. Save $10 if you sign up for both the Beef and Lamb Box!  


How it Works:

  1. Sign up via our Online Farm Store: Search “Meat Share” in our online store, and select your desired package (ie. “Beef Box” or “Lamb Box”), and the version (6 month vs. 12 month). We ask for a $50 deposit upon signing up that will be returned to you upon completion of the program (discounted from your last payment). If you finish your 6 months or 12 months, and wish to continue on with the Meat Share program, we’ll hold your spot for you to keep on going! Make sure to select “Meat Share: Egg Add-On” or “Meat Share: Honey Add-On” at the same time that you sign up for the Beef Box or Lamb Box itself, and we’ll mark you down to receive either or both of those products on a regular basis. You’ll also have the option to add-on items available in our regular online store each month (ie. package of beef jerky, pail of honey, package of quinoa), though please note that eggs are not always available on a monthly basis, unless you have subscribed for regular pick-up.

2. Pick up your ‘box’ once a month, or once every other month: Come to pick up your meat box at one of two available pick-up locations in Winnipeg, each month. The pick-up locations will change slightly: for example, February will be St. James and St. Vital; March will be River Heights and East Kildonan; April back to St. James and St. Vital, and so on, alternating. (Note: If it works best for you to pick up at your closest neighbourhood location, then bi-monthly might be the best option for you as you can pick up at the same spot each time.) We will send reminders before each monthly pick-up, and charge your credit card (with option for manual or automatic payment) about a week prior to delivery. Your box will contain a variety of beef or lamb that is selected by us, the farmers. By the end of 6 (or 12) months, you will have received either a quarter beef (Beef Box) or a whole lamb (Lamb Box). See the scheduled pick-up dates, listed below.

3. Enjoy healthy local food! We will enjoy the opportunity to see you on a regular basis, giving you the chance to ask us questions and get recipe ideas on the cuts offered that month. By supporting our farm via the subscription model, you are helping provide us with stability in knowing we will have a set amount of sales for that month. Plus, when you choose to support our farm you are supporting our practices, which are based around ecological principles of soil regeneration, plant and microbial diversity, healthy grazing animals, and in general a model of local food economies that are crucial to preserve.

What You Get / Pricing:  


Our Grassfed Beef Box is based on a Quarter Beef (Split Half), plus one of each type of sausage (5) and burger patties. Approximatly 95 lbs meat & bone (frozen, cut & wrapped), divided into around 16 lbs meat per box/month (6 month program) or 8 lbs meat per box/month (12 month program). For those that want to receive their Beef Box every other month, over 12 months, you will receive around 16 lbs each time. 

The monthly package of cuts will be selected by us, with variety and seasonality in mind (ie you will not receive one type of one cut all at once; more steaks in Summer, more roasts in Winter).  

Over the 6 or 12 months, you will receive:

– Approx. 25 lbs (11 packages) in roasts (Cross-rib, Sirloin Tip, Inside Round, Outside Round, Eye of Round, Chuck) 

– Approx. 25 lbs (25 packages) in steaks (Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin, T-Bone, Top Sirloin, Round, Tri-tip, Skirt, Flank) 

– Approx. 5-6 lbs (2-3 packages) in Short Ribs

– Approx. 5-6 lbs (5-6 packages) in Stewing Beef

– Approx. 24 lbs (24 packages) in Ground Beef (ground will be spread out equally over all months) 

– Approx. 5 lbs (5 x packages) of gluten-free sausages (one of each flavour), plus 1.75 lbs (1 package) of our pre-made burger patties.

– PLUS: 1 x package of Meaty Soup Bones, 2 x packages of Marrow/Knuckle Bones, 2 x packages of Liver.

– Beef Box customers will also have the option to purchase our favourite cookbook, “Cooking Grassfed Beef: Healthy Recipes from Nose to Tail” by Shannon Hayes at 50% off (ie. $10 instead of regular $20).


– 6-Month Beef Box (monthly pick-up): $140/month (plus $50 refundable deposit)

– 12-Month Beef Box (monthly or bimonthly pick-up) : $72/month (plus $50 refundable deposit)

**Note that there is a bimonthly pick-up option for the 12-Month Beef Box only, but we will still require payment to be made on a monthly basis.

***Customers who sign up for both the Beef Box and Lamb Box will receive a $10 discount!


The Lamb Box will be made available as a monthly pick-up for 6 months, or a bimonthly pick-up (every other month) over 12 months. 

Our Grassfed Lamb Box is based on a Whole Lamb. Approximatly 30 lbs meat & bone (frozen, cut & wrapped), divided into around 5 lbs meat per box/month. The monthly package of cuts will be selected by us, with variety and seasonality in mind (ie you will not receive one type of one cut all at once; more grilling cuts in Summer, more roasts in Winter).

Over the 6 or 12 months, you will receive:

– Approx. 2 lbs (1 package) in shoulder roast

– Approx. 6-7 lbs (4 packages) in leg of lamb roasts

– Approx. 7 lbs (9-10 packages) in lamb chops

– Approx. 3.5-4 lbs (2 packages) in Rack of Lamb

– Approx. 2 lbs (2 packages) in Lamb Shanks

– Approx. 3 lbs (2 packages) in Lamb Kebab/Stew meat

– Approx. 5 lbs (5 packages) in Ground Lamb

– PLUS: 2 x packages of Meaty Lamb Neck Bones, 1 x package of Liver.

**Other organs such as heart and kidney may be made available upon request.

– You will also receive a complimentary jar of our raw honey.


– 6-Month Lamb Box (monthly pick-up): $67/month (plus $50 refundable deposit)

– 12-Month Lamb Box (bimonthly pick-up): $36/month (plus $50 refundable deposit)

**Note that although the 12-month box is bimonthly for pick-up, we will still require payment to be made on a monthly basis.

***Customers who sign up for both the Beef Box and Lamb Box will receive a $10 discount!

Delivery Schedule (February 2020-February 2021)*

Saturday, February 22: St. James (Bourkevale Community Centre), 11:30am / St. Vital (99 Barrington Ave), 1:30pm

Saturday, March 21: River Heights (River Heights site of Corydon Community Centre), 11:30am / East Kildonan (former Safeway parking lot at Kimberley & Henderson), 1:30pm

Saturday, April 18: St. James, 11:30am / St. Vital, 1:30pm

Saturday, May 16: River Heights, 11:30am / East Kildonan, 1:30pm

Thursday, June 18: St. James, 4:30pm / St. Vital, 6:30pm

Thursday, July 16: River Heights, 4:30pm / East Kildonan, 6:30pm

Thursday, August 13: St. James, 4:30pm / St. Vital, 6:30pm

Thursday, September 17: River Heights, 4:30pm / East Kildonan, 6:30pm

Saturday, October 17: St. James, 11:30am / St. Vital, 1:30pm

Saturday, November 14: River Heights, 11:30am / East Kildonan, 1:30pm

Saturday, December 12: St. James, 11:30am / St. Vital, 1:30pm

Saturday, January 16 (2021): River Heights, 11:30am / East Kildonan, 1:30pm 

Saturday, February 13 (2021): St. James, 11:30am / St. Vital, 1:30pm

*Please Note: Delivery dates/times may be subject to change. If you unable to pick-up an order, you may arrange for a friend or family member to pick-up for you. Single missed deliveries will still be charged to the customer, ie. this is a commitment to a monthly or bimonthly pick-up schedule, that we expect subscribers to honour. Subscribers deciding to opt out mid-completion will not be charged for subsequent deliveries, but will not be refunded their $50 deposit.


How to Order:

To sign up for either the ‘Beef Box’ or ‘Lamb Box’, or both, please select each item (search “Meat Share” in our online store) and select the desired item for delivery to your desired location in the month that you would like to begin your Meat Share. 

To add-on an Egg-Share or Honey Share option, please select each of those products individually from our online store (only available with purchase of either a Beef Box or Lamb Box). Note that you may not be able to receive eggs until Spring 2020, when our intake will open up, again. (But Meat Share members will receive first option to sign up!)

Please note that we have a limited number of Beef Box and Lamb Box Shares, and when they are sold out for 2020, they will no longer be available (though you will be able to order any of the other beef or lamb options that we have available in our online store on a monthly basis, as well as any non-subscription bulk beef or lamb options (i.e pick-up complete order/pay all at once) as long as these items are listed as available. 

I like how I get these different cuts that I would not normally pick up at a store as I wouldn’t necessarily know how to cook them. Being a part of the meat share program I got to experiment and try new recipes and that has been a lot of fun. I also like that I don’t have to think about what cuts to buy as they will be select for me, making my life a little easier.

Raquel D.

I really loved being able to spread the quantity and the cost of the meat over 6 months, especially the cost! The main reason we haven’t bought bulk beef before now is that there is not room in our budget to pay that much all at once for food, but by spreading it over 6 months we could make it work. Re: payments, I also really liked being able to pay by credit card and having that all automated so I didn’t have to remember every month!

The quality of the meat is amazing! The last time we cooked steaks for dinner I literally could not talk about anything other than how delicious they were for the entire meal. I also really appreciated getting the cookbook. It was nice to get some education on the different cuts of meat, and suggestions for cooking, new recipe ideas and so on.

Anna L.

Loved the fact it was local, grass fed. My husband used his Traeger all the time with the beef and we enjoyed every piece of meat.

Sandra U.

We had our first leg of lamb tonight for family dinner. It was, hands down, the best leg of lamb we’ve ever tasted. It was delicious, tender and flavourful without being at all what one might say as being “gamy”. How we’ve enjoyed your lamb! Thank you.

Susan K.

The size is great. Fits my freezer. Would love this all year.

Lucas S.

I believe what you do is important and applaud your hard work heartily. Because of you, my family gets to enjoy grass fed beef which is healthy and enjoyable.

Lidija M.

An example of all of the cuts contained in a Quarter Grassfed Beef (some of the cuts in the background are cut off from photo). Not pictured, but included in the Beef Box: one of each (5) gluten-free sausages, 1 x package of 6 gluten-free burger patties.

Pictured above is an example of the total cuts included in the Whole Grassfed Lamb. Ground lamb packages in the Lamb Box will be 5 instead of the 3 shown. 

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