• Do you want to try ordering bulk beef but have limited freezer space?
  • Do you look at the price of a Quarter Beef and wonder how you can budget spending that amount at once? 
  • Are you tired of fluctuating prices of meat at the grocery store and wish to have a guaranteed, stable monthly cost that you can budget for?
  • Are you adventurous and open to trying a variety of cuts while learning more about how to use them?

Then our ‘Meat Share’ program (or, the ‘Beef Box’) might be perfect for you…

What You Get:

A Quarter Grassfed Beef, Plus…

When you sign up for a Beef Box, you will receive the equivalent cuts that a person gets when ordering our Quarter (split half) Grassfed Beef – a wide variety of cuts from both the fore and hind sections of the animal. In addition to those cuts, you’ll also get to sample one of each of our all-beef burger patties, and five different sausage recipes (Italian, All-Beef, Honey Dill & Garlic, Smokies, Breakfast). All sausages except for all-beef are 50/50 with pastured pork, so please indicate if this will be an issue for you.

Here is the general breakdown of cuts you’ll receive, over the period of 6 or 12 months.

  • Approx.. 25 lbs / 10 pkgs of roasts (cross-rib, sirloin tip, inside/outside round, eye of round, chuck)
  • Approx.. 24 lbs / 24 pkgs of steaks (tenderloin, ribeye, strip loin, t-bone, top sirloin, round, tri-tip, skirt)
  • Approx.. 24 lbs / 24 pkgs of ground beef
  • Approx. 6 lbs / 2 pkgs of short ribs
  • Approx. 5 lbs / 5 pkgs of stew beef
  • Approx. 2 lbs meaty soup bones, 6 lbs marrow/knuckle bones
  • Approx. 1 lb liver
  • Approx. 1.75 lbs burger patties
  • Approx. 1 lb ea x 5 types of sausages.

The total quantity of beef received will be about 100 lbs, or 8.3 lbs for monthly/12 month pick-up; or 16.6 lbs for bimonthly 12-month or monthly 6-month pickup.

Please note: You will not be able to choose which cuts you receive each month – this is the part of the program that helps us distribute our beef in bulk, to many different households instead of just a few.

What you can expect to receive each month, consistently:

SAMPLE 12-MONTH, MONTHLY PICK-UP BEEF BOX: (see photo below for visual example)

  • 2 lbs / pkgs of ground beef
  • One roast OR ~2 lbs short ribs
  • 2-3 steaks
  • One package of either: stew beef, soup bones, liver, sausages, burger patties

(For a bimonthly pick-up or 6-month Beef Box, you will receive double this amount.)

Pictured is an example of the quantity you might receive with a monthly 12-month Beef Box.

How it Works:

Choose the quantity and frequency of pick-up that works best for you.

  • 12-month Beef Box:
    • February to January (Monthly or Bimonthly pick-up options) – 8 lbs grassfed beef, variety of cuts
  • 6-month Beef Box:
    • February to July; August to January. (Option to choose one, or both 6-month periods) Monthly pick-up only – 16 lbs grassfed beef, variety of cuts

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to consume all of the beef in your household, or split a subscription with someone else. (If you do split, please know that we will only have one person as the main contact for billing and will not split the Beef Box into smaller quantities.)

Monthly Pick-up:

There will be one set pick-up date each month that you will need to commit to, or arrange for someone else to pick up for you in the case that you cannot. (A full schedule of 2022-23 dates are listed, below.) Each month, you will be able to choose between 2 different pick-up Winnipeg locations and times. There are a total of 4 locations, switching every other month. It does not matter to us where you pick up. There may be options for delivery for rural customers outside of Winnipeg, especially if you are located on our route.

Bimonthly Pick-up (every other month):

You will be expected to pick up a minimum of 16 lbs (equivalent of 2 monthly 12-month Beef Boxes) every other month, with this arrangement. This works well for people that prefer one particular pick-up location, as we alternate every other month. Please note that bimonthly members are still invoiced every month, so the cost is spread out over the whole period, the same as those picking up monthly.

Our pick-up locations are approved outdoor parking lot areas around Winnipeg. We abide by all public health and safety measures.

Choose your preferred add-ons, if you like.

Options for items that you may add-on to your regular beef order every month include:

  • Jar (or pail) of our raw honey (500g jar, 1kg jar, 3kg pail, 5kg pail). We now offer a 10% discount to Meat Share members that choose a regular add-on (must receive the same size container at each pick-up).
  • Eggs, from our pasture-raised hens. Meat Share members receive a discounted price of $5.50/dozen on eggs (regular $6.50). Meat Share members always get first dibs on available eggs. We ask for minimum order of 2 dozen/month up to any amount you wish to regularly commit to. This number should stay the same year-round.
  • Donation to our Food Accessibility Program. If you feel it is within your means to add $5 to each monthly invoice, your contributions will help go towards the subsidization of a Beef Box for low-income families, that will have an opportunity to receive the same amount of meat as any other member, but at 50% of the price. **If you identify as low-income and would like to apply to receive one of these Meat Share spots, please email us. We will have a limited number of spots for the 2022 program year and choose randomly from an interest list; no questions asked.

These are all optional and not required. There will also be opportunities for members to add-on additional items (ie. anything offered in our online store that month) including some products that are not offered as part of the Beef Box, such as primal ground beef or beef brisket. You can also just order honey (at regular pricing) any time you like. Extra eggs are not consistently available and are best done as add-on if you want the guarantee.

Other items we often have available for you to add to your order include:

  • Adagio Acres organic naked rolled oats
  • Flora & Farmer preserves (ie. jams, spreads, kraut)

Included in your subscription are 2 x Fresh Roots Farm branded jumbo grocery reusable tote bags (these are for you to receive your orders in, and switch with the second one by returning it each month) and then you can keep both bags upon completion of the program. It’s true, the Beef ‘Box’ is in all reality a BAG (but we think box sounds better).

We also offer a great recipe book called “Cooking Grassfed Beef: Recipes from Nose to Tail” by author/farmer Shannon Hayes of Sap Bush Hollow Farm, at 50% of the regular offered price ($10 instead of $20).

We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with other farmer friends, including The Dogs Run Farm for much of 2022. This regenerative farm offers a variety of products, including: pastured pork, grassfed lamb, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys and other specialty products from the farm like garlic, natural soaps and sheepskins. You will be able to order anything you like directly from them for pick-up at our same pick-up time/locations! In the past, we have collaborate with other farms offering products such as wool products and vegetables, though we do not know at this time if these partnerships will be happening for sure.

Enjoy members-only perks.

We hope to offer a members-only farm tour in the late Summer/early Fall of 2022. You and your family will get a chance to come see how and why we produce your food, using regenerative practices on our land near Cartwright, MB!

Receive a Quarterly e-Newsletter made just for Meat Share subscribers, that will include recipe ideas on how to use the various cuts in your Beef Box, photos from the farm, info about products available from collaborating farms, recipe submissions or tips from fellow Meat Share members, and more!

You’ll get an option to receive SMS text message reminders (in addition to email) about your upcoming Meat Share pick-up.

You will also receive the monthly brief emails that go out to our larger customer base, letting you know what new or discounted products we have for offer that particular month.


All program options require a $50 deposit upon confirming participation, which is refundable upon completion of program. No other payments are required until the first month of pick-up. Billing will be done via credit card on 5th of each month; option to save card on file for automatic payment. (If payment via credit card is absolutely not accessible for you, please contact us to discuss alternative payment options.)

There are no taxes or delivery fees on top of the advertised cost. We do charge a 20% handling fee for any missed pick-ups.

12-MONTH BEEF BOX, monthly pick-up:

  • 8-9 lbs beef /month
  • $79 / month 

12-MONTH BEEF BOX, bimonthly pick-up:

  • 16-17 lbs beef / every other month
  • $79 / month

6-MONTH BEEF BOX, monthly pick-up:

  • 16-17 lbs beef / month
  • $149 / month

We are offering a limited number of 12-month Beef Boxes to persons who self-identify as low-income. If you feel that you fit that category, and in particular if you identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+, we invite you to apply to participate in our Food Accessibility Program, that offers this subscription at a 50% subsidized rate.

If you wish to donate towards this fund, please select “Donation to Food Accessibility Program” in our online store.

Delivery Schedule 2022-23:

**Please note that pick-up is on Saturdays (afternoon) in winter months, and Thursdays (afternoon/evening) in summer months. Most months have 4 weeks between pick-up, though some months will have 5. Dates, times and locations are subject to minor changes.

These delivery dates and times are the same for subscription and non-subscription customers! 

Saturday, February 12:

  • WOLSELEY (Portage Avenue Church, 1420 Portage Ave.) 1:00-2:00pm *had to make alternate arrangements for River Heights for this month only
  • ST. BONIFACE (Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, 340 Provencher Blvd) 3:00-4:00pm

Saturday, March 12:

  • WOSLELEY (Portage Avenue Church, 1420 Portage Ave.), 1:00-2:00pm
  • NORTH KILDONAN (exact location TBA), 3:00-4:00pm

Saturday, April 9:

  • ST. BONIFACE, 3-4

Saturday, May 14:

  • WOLSELEY, 1-2

Thursday, June 9:

  • ST. BONIFACE, 5-6

Thursday, July 14:

  • WOLSELEY, 3-4

Thursday, August 11:

  • ST. BONIFACE, 5-6

Thursday, September 8:

  • WOLSELEY, 3-4

Saturday, October 8:

  • ST. BONIFACE, 3-4

Saturday, November 12:

  • WOLSELEY, 1-2

Saturday, December 10:

  • ST. BONIFACE, 3-4

Saturday, January 14 (2023):

  • WOLSELEY, 1-2

*Please Note: Delivery dates/times may be subject to change. If you unable to pick-up an order, you may arrange for a friend or family member to pick-up for you. Single missed deliveries will still be charged to the customer, ie. this is a commitment to a monthly or bimonthly pick-up schedule, that we expect subscribers to honour. Members may send someone else in their place to pick up their order, if they are unable. We will not be expected to hold packages over for an extra pick-up period if you are unable to attend pick-up. Subscribers deciding to opt out mid-completion will not be charged for subsequent deliveries, but will not be refunded their $50 deposit.

Why a Subscription Model?

This system works well for both us, the farmers, and you, the customer:

  • Space out the distribution of meat (fits in refrigerator-size freezer)
  • Building relationships with customers, getting to know them
  • Budget out payments by monthly throughout the year
  • Consistent, reliable income each month
  • Consistency: price, quantity stays the same (don’t have to deal with fluctuating grocery store prices)
  • Flexibility: can provide a bulk quantity of cuts to a large variety of households (farmer’s choice)
  • Flexibility: choose between 2-4 central pick-up locations in Winnipeg
  • Can limit transportation by fitting within monthly delivery model; bimonthly options for some
  • One-stop shop: option to receive other products from us (eggs, honey) as well as food from other collaborating farms
  • Can save disposable packaging by using reusable tote bags to distribute food
  • Build a relationship with the people that grow your food, ask us questions
  • Can have our meat supply cycling monthly; customers always receiving what’s fresh
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Special offers for members
  • Supporting local food economy, providing a family farm with stable income
  • Farm tour opportunities


Want to join us as a Meat Share member? Select either the 6-month or 12-month Beef Box option under “Meat Share” in our online store.

I like how I get these different cuts that I would not normally pick up at a store as I wouldn’t necessarily know how to cook them. Being a part of the meat share program I got to experiment and try new recipes and that has been a lot of fun. I also like that I don’t have to think about what cuts to buy as they will be select for me, making my life a little easier.

Raquel D. Meat Share Member 2019, 2020

I really loved being able to spread the quantity and the cost of the meat over 6 months, especially the cost! The main reason we haven’t bought bulk beef before now is that there is not room in our budget to pay that much all at once for food, but by spreading it over 6 months we could make it work. Re: payments, I also really liked being able to pay by credit card and having that all automated so I didn’t have to remember every month!

The quality of the meat is amazing! The last time we cooked steaks for dinner I literally could not talk about anything other than how delicious they were for the entire meal. I also really appreciated getting the cookbook. It was nice to get some education on the different cuts of meat, and suggestions for cooking, new recipe ideas and so on.

Anna L., Beef Box member 2019, 2020

Loved the fact it was local, grass fed. My husband used his Traeger all the time with the beef and we enjoyed every piece of meat.

Sandra U., Beef Box member 2019

We had our first leg of lamb tonight for family dinner. It was, hands down, the best leg of lamb we’ve ever tasted. It was delicious, tender and flavourful without being at all what one might say as being “gamy”. How we’ve enjoyed your lamb! Thank you.

Susan K., Lamb Box member 2019

The size is great. Fits my freezer. Would love this all year.

Lucas S., Beef Box member 2019

I believe what you do is important and applaud your hard work heartily. Because of you, my family gets to enjoy grass fed beef which is healthy and enjoyable.

Lidija M., Beef Box and Lamb Box member 2019, 2020

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