Not sure what to expect for one of our monthly deliveries? We’ll share here how it works and how you can make your online pre-orders for pick-up, later.

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Online Store

You will make a personal Local Line account, which will allow you shop, add things to your cart, and choose a pickup date and location at checkout, and choose a payment method. Your Local Line account can also be used to shop with other great farms who use the Local Line platform, like our friends at The Dogs Run Farm.

We do regular monthly ‘drop-off’ deliveries to Winnipeg where our customers come to meet us to pick up their pre-order at one of our delivery locations. (Not a farmer’s market per se, but the same idea as we do often collaborate to offer more products to our customers.)

You can choose from the following locations when you place your order on our online store, which alternate from month to month, with two locations per delivery day:

• Portage Avenue Church Parking Lot – 1420 Portage Avenue.
• North Kildonan Mennonite Church Parking Lot – 1131 Roch St.

• Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre West Parking Lot- 340 Provencher Blvd.
• The Reh-Fit Centre Parking Lot – 1390 Taylor Ave.

• On-Farm Pickup – Cartwright, Manitoba

One note about the online store: For direct customers, you will have to select the ‘Pick-up’ option – this does not necessarily mean picking up on-farm! Once you click into that window, you will see the specific locations for pick-up in Winnipeg available to you. 

Invoicing & Payment

Orders that include items priced by weight (most of our meat products) will have an estimated total. And updated exact total will be available once your order is packed, and you will be invoiced at that time, usually a few days before the delivery date.

You can choose from the following payment methods at checkout:

Credit card – pre-approve your card at checkout for automatic payment. Your order total will be updated when the order is packed and your card will be charged.
E-transfer to – you will be sent an updated invoice when your order is packed, and the total can be sent by e-transfer.
Cash at delivery time- you will be sent an updated invoice when your order is packed. Pay by exact cash in person at delivery time.

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