Grassfed Lamb

100% Grassfed Lamb


Our lambs are raised from birth to slaughter on our farm, on grass and legume-based pasture and hay. Lambs are born in June, and are finished within 7-11 months at the stage when they are finished. We use adaptive grazing methods with the sheep on pasture, rotating them to fresh grass often, and keeping them safe from predators with the help of our livestock guard dog, Bea.


This helps to reduce damage to the land from overgrazing, and helps improve the soil and plants by offering adequate resting periods before the land is re-grazed.


Our lambs are not treated with chemical de-wormers or antibiotics (any that require this treatment may receive it but would be removed from our direct marketing program). The only feed supplement they receive are a pea-based pellet to aid in their finishing and proper energy and nutrition levels during the cold Winter months.
Our grass-fed lamb is popular with customers, who appreciate the combination of tender meat, flavourful grass-based fats, and ease of cooking.

“Last evening I celebrated my birthday by making dinner for three friends and [my husband] and I. … We are all very fond of lamb and the roast turned out beautifully, a real treat on a special occasion with good friends.” – L. Linton

“I have really appreciated your great communication with customers! Also, I didn’t think I liked lamb very much but then I tried yours and it changed my mind!”

Sounds delicious!

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