We are seeking a summer employee, ideally from May to mid September to help us with our smaller commercial beekeeping operation (approx. 200 hives). This would include help with Spring hive management, splitting hives, honey extraction and processing in our on-farm facility and some Fall hive management. We also have a herd of beef cattle and flock of laying hens that we raise on perennial pastures. So there will be opportunities to help with pasture monitoring, including fencing, animal husbandry and grazing management. We use holistic and regenerative agriculture principles whenever possible, and our beehives are kept on our land and that of others with similar management practices – mostly diverse annual and perennial crops. We practice high stock density managed grazing, so our cattle are moved daily to new paddocks created with temporary fencing and pasture pipeline watering systems. We direct market our raw honey in jars and pails to retail stores and individuals on a monthly basis alongside our grassfed beef and eggs, primarily to customers in Winnipeg. The employee would have opportunities to engage with the livestock in addition to the bee work. We have a small cabin on-farm that can house one main employee, which includes a stove, running water and wireless internet. Most meals will be provided and shared with our family and ingredients (mostly homegrown) provided for other meals. Start date is May 8. End date is September 10-30 (negotiable).    

We are also seeking a second employee (summer student) to join our team just for the honey harvest period, around 4-6 weeks between mid July and the end of August. Mostly full-time hours throughout this time, 5-6 days/week. Work would entail the collection, extraction and packaging of honey, helping to keep the food processing facilities clean and tidy. Living accommodations will not be made available if in use by primary employee; someone who can travel to and from the farm to work each day would be ideal. 


Must not have a known bee allergy, and should be able to lift 50 pounds or more. Additionally, a willingness to work outdoors in a variety of conditions daily is essential. Applicants need to be able to practice cleanliness and work in a certified food production facility. Though some meals will be prepared and provided, applicants must be willing and able to prepare some of their own meals and maintain a high standard of cleanliness and care for their living space and our workspaces. Having a driver’s licence and basic knowledge of or experience with power tools and machinery are assets but not essential. Beekeeping safety gear and equipment will be provided but applicant must have appropriate workwear otherwise.     

Our ideal candidate is someone interested in pursuing farming and/or beekeeping in some capacity and see this as somewhat of a stepping stone or mentorship opportunity for their own pursuits. 

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