Quality Grassfed Beef

Regeneratively raised in southwest Manitoba.

Raw Honey

…the way Nature intended.

Is it time to reconnect with your food?

Are you frustrated with a lack of quality, local foods available to feed your family?

Are you tired of feeling guilty about your food choices and their impacts?

Do you want to cultivate a trusting relationship with the people that raise your food?

Want to be part of a local food economy that feeds Manitobans, and supports farm families and rural livelihoods?

We want to help you bring joy and trust into sourcing, cooking and eating your food.

How? Here’s our commitment to: Nourish, Protect & Regenerate:


We want to nourish you with quality, nutrient-dense and whole foods.

We want you to find joy in the kitchen.

We can offer you a meaningful connection with where your food is coming from, by getting to know us. We love meeting our customers and their families!


We aim to protect the land, soil and habitats for diverse critters.

We focus on a diversity of plant life for pollinator health.

We wish to help protect rural livelihoods by creating a model for a sustainable family farm and support other local businesses whenever possible.


We use livestock to help improve the land with a focus on soil health.

We work with other regenerative partners for our honey production yards.

We believe in regenerating traditional foodways and in sharing our knowledge with you!

Meet Your Farmers

Fresh Roots Farm is stewarded by Troy Stozek, Michelle Schram and our two kids: Syd and Sasha. We live on Treaty 1 Territory near Cartwright, MB, on a farmstead that was Michelle’s grandparents’. Our farm focuses on: the birds (laying hens), the bees and the bovinesall based on perennial pastures! We aim to use holistic and regenerative principles to work towards better soil health, healthy livestock, pollinators and habitat for other species. We feel passionate about selling our food directly to local families, and are proud of the quality of our products. We look forward to meeting you, and having you join our community of foodies! 

What our community of Eaters is saying:

“We have been buying food from Fresh Roots Farm for as long as they have existed and can’t recommend it highly enough! The quality of the product is fantastic and I love supporting a farm that I know cares about the future of our planet and society. I especially love their Meat Share program as it is a great way to access the cost savings of bulk purchasing without the stress on your freezer or wallet.”

Anna Levin

Meat Share member, 2020-2023

“I was fortunate to receive a jar of Fresh Roots Farm honey as a gift. I eat a LOT of honey and this is by far the most amazing tasting honey I have ever eaten. It has an incredible range of floral flavor notes and never seems too sweet. Absolutely wonderful!”

Marc Desrochers

“We purchased a quarter grass-fed cow last summer and rave about the quality and outstanding taste of this meat to our friends and family. Will definitely be purchasing again. Troy and Michelle are friendly and organized. Great experience, and a way to spend your grocery dollars direct to a farmer!

Suzanne Goulden

Bulk Beef Customer 2022-2024

How to get our food:

Our Monthly Farm-to-Eater Deliveries are as easy as 1, 2, 3!


The main way we communicate with our customers! You can expect 2-3 emails each month – with updates from the farm, info about our upcoming deliveries, helpful cooking tips & recipes and reminders when orders are due. 


3 main ways to purchase our products:

  • Order a-la-carte (anything that’s available that month)
  • Pre-order bulk beef (Quarter/Half) for future delivery date
  • Meat Share grassfed beef/egg subscriptions (find out more here)


Meet up with us on our monthly delivery date at one of two outdoor location options and pick up your order, to take home and enjoy!

You’ll even get a FREE 500g jar of our raw honey along with your first order with us.

Find out more about our pick-up locations and our delivery calendar, here.

Where and when do we deliver?


Thursday, June 13 – Winnipeg, MB*

Thursday, July 11 – Winnipeg, MB*

*These deliveries are in collaboration with other farming friends from The Dogs Run Farm. Check out what they have to offer!

Don’t live in Winnipeg? Please contact us about on-farm pick-up or non-Winnipeg delivery options.

Can’t make our delivery dates?

See our list of raw honey retailers in Manitoba:

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