Raw Honey

I’ve been buying your honey from Sleepy Owl [Bread] in Winnipeg for the last year or so and really like it. Best honey I’ve ever had.”

“I use [Fresh Roots Farm honey] while running to give me the energy to complete my workouts. The simple nature of raw honey digests easily and is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Much better than the expensive and dextrose-laden gels that dominate endurance races. Your raw honey is what I used for fuel when I competed in the Triathlon World Championships this past fall.”

Our Honey is Raw Honey!

If you are planning to buy honey for its health-benefits and flavour then it must be raw honey! Much of the store-bought honey has been excessively heated, filtered and pasteurized, which effectively eliminates many of the benefits of the natural and amazing product bees produce. Raw honey is different because it has not been pasteurized, heated or fine-filtered, and therefore contains many valuable benefits. Raw honey contains a host of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and powerful antioxidants. Most importantly, it is absolutely delicious and full of body and overtones from the variety of flora it stems from. We do not do specific “flavours” of honey (ie. “clover honey” or “buckwheat honey”), as we strongly believe that giving the bees access to a wider diversity of food sources is key to keeping them healthy and strong.

The story behind the honey:

We take great pride in selecting what we consider suitable locations for our bees to forage so that the honey we harvest is the tastiest and most nutritious as possible. It is also very important for bees to have access to a diverse ecosystem for foraging and for their nutrition. As difficult as it has become to limit their access to what we consider undesirable nectar and pollen sources, particularly GMO canola, corn and soybeans, we are placing our hives as strategically as possible to limit their access to these crops. Fortunately, because of our ranch setup, we have access to hundreds of acres of pasture and hay lands where the bees can harvest nectar from a huge variety of native and tame flower sources, including dandelion, caragena, and willow in the spring; alfalfa, clover, milk thistle, cicer milk vetch, sweet trefoil in the summer. The list goes on!

With our apiary expanding in recent years, our own farm acres are not enough to sustain the number of bee colonies we have, as is the case for most beekeepers. Thankfully, through the Holistic Farm Management network we are involved with in our area, we have access to the wonderfully rich and diverse pastures and haylands of neighbours and friends in our area. Importantly, these folks have a parallel ecological land ethic as us, so it is really a win-win. They provide us with a suitable landbase for the bees and the bees pollinate the flowers on their lands.

Check out our FAQ page for answers to some common questions about our raw honey, such as:

  • How do I soften my crystallized raw honey?
  • Why does my raw honey have a whitish layer on the top of the jar/pail?

How do Fresh Roots Farm customers enjoy their Raw Honey?

“On toast!”

“In tea.”

“Honey dill dipping sauce – the Michael Jordan of sauces!”

“In smoothies!”

“In avocado puree…with lemon.”

“On a spoon (or your finger)…straight up!”

“Peanut butter and honey! Boring, but you can’t beat it.”

“As a sweetener in coffee, instead of sugar!”

“Salad vinaigrette”

“Organic Almond and Coconut Butter Chocolate Fudge Cups – yum!” (see recipe here)

“As a binding ingredient in homemade granola bars.”

“In marinades with dinner.”

“In tea or hot lemon water before bed – helps me sleep!”


Honey Retailers:

Our honey can be found in the following retail locations in Winnipeg and across southwestern MB (1kg and 500g jars only):


  • Aviva Natural Health Solutions (1224 St. James St.)
  • Bouchee Boucher (300 Tache Ave.) NEW!
  • Cafe Postal (202 Provencher Blvd)
  • The Forks Trading Company (1 Forks Market Rd)
  • High Tea Bakery (2103 Portage Ave.) NEW!
  • Hollow Reed Holistic (75 Corydon Ave.)
  • Kenaston Wine Market (1855 Grant Ave.)
  • La Grotta Mediterranean Market (1360 Taylor Ave.)
  • Miller’s Super Valu Meats (590 St. Mary’s Rd) NEW!
  • Organic Planet (877 Westminster Ave.)
  • Sleepy Owl Bread (751 Wall St.)
  • Via Natural Medicine (A-554 Des Meurons)
  • Vic’s Fruit Market (1038 Pembina Hwy)
  • Verde Juice Bar (887 Westminster Ave.) NEW!
  • Whole Touch Wellness (364 Stafford St.) NEW!



  • Woodfire Deli (39 Crescent Ave. W)

Clear Lake/Wasagaming:

  • The Chocolate Fox (112 Wasagaming Dr)


  • Pembina Co-op NEW!

Pilot Mound:

  • Amell’s Gas & Go
  • Park’s Fine Foods
  • Dobson’s Foods

Crystal City:

  • Pembina Co-op


  • Clearwater Country Market


  • Northfork Ranch Supply
  • Cartwright Fine Foods
  • Iron Rail Convenience Store


  • Janz’ Market on Main
  • Killarney-Cartwright Co-op NEW!

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