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Mother Nature’s Fast-Forward Curveballs

Fresh Roots Farm Notes for Weeks 21 - 23 ...And just like that, Winter ended and Summer arrived. Spring was nowhere to be found. Nature has decided to 'fast-forward' things in the past few weeks, which thankfully has meant hot days, plentiful rains, and the rapid...

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Thawed-out Frogs

Fresh Roots Farm Notes for Week 20 It was reported to me this week that the frogs have had their eyelids frozen shut three times this Spring. That would be welcome news, as it almost always indicates that we have had our last frost date for the season. I'm ready....

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Welcome the Sheep!

Fresh Roots Farm Notes for Week 19 So, now I've gone and left my weekly blog posts for a whole month. I can pretty much explain what happened...Weeks 16 and 17 remained cold and dreary, with not much in the way of real action going on here, yet we were incredibly...

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