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Fresh Roots Farm was established in 2011, by Michelle Schram and Troy Stozek. They produce grassfed beef and lamb and raw pastured honey on land that they steward responsibly using holistic and regenerative management, near Cartwright, Manitoba. Troy & Michelle aimed to put down “fresh roots” with equally fresh ideas and optimism for growing good food from the land, feeding local Manitoba families and cultivating a meaningful life and livelihood for raising their own family.  Find out more about us.

Michelle & Troy


Upcoming Delivery Dates

We deliver food every month to local Manitoba households and families. Simply pre-order online, meet us (the farmers) at the central pick-up location, and take your food home to enjoy! No obligation to order every month.

Winnipeg: Saturday, February 24, 2018 – find order form here

Available this month: Grassfed Beef (packages), Grassfed Lamb (by the cut), Pastured Raw Honey, Buckwheat Raw Honey, Cookbooks, Beeswax Products

Some common questions we hear

What is ‘grassfed’?
What is the best way to cook grassfed meats?
How do I soften my honey?
Why does my honey have a whitish layer on top?

See our FAQ’s page for answers and more.

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